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Bus Accident Attorney

As a state with countless popular tourist destinations and home to residents who enjoy the many commuting options, Los Angeles boasts thousands of miles of bus routes. What many riders do not anticipate is being in a busing accident. Los Angeles experiences hundreds of these collisions every year on its roadway leaving victims with serious injuries that sometimes prove fatal.

Common Causes of Bus Accidents in Los Angeles, California


Buses are heavier and more difficult to maneuver. There are many reasons why accidents can occur. From inexperienced drivers, poor weather conditions, making a sharp turn, determining what led to the accident will be a key aspect of your case.


Federal law requires that bus companies follow regulations regarding how long their drivers can operate without rest. Drivers who do not rest risk passenger safety because of sleep deficits and fatigue. 

Distracted Driving
One of the top dangers on the roadway is distracted driving. Bus drivers focusing on anything but the road often risk the safety of their passengers and cause accidents.

It is well-known that speeding or driving at speeds not fit for weather or traffic conditions can lead to accidents. Bus drivers who are running behind schedule can cause devastating accidents when in a hurry.

Poor Vehicle Maintenance
Federal law requires bus companies to maintain their vehicles and keep logs of such maintenance. Busing accidents as a result of not doing so can make the company liable for your injuries.

Aggressive Driving
Between passengers, traffic conditions, and the weather, there are many reasons a bus driver can become overwhelmed and stressed out. This could result in reckless driving behavior that leads to an accident.

Drunk Driving
California law makes it clear that bus drivers cannot be under the influence of drugs or alcohol while operating their vehicles. When an accident occurs because of an intoxicated driver, both the busing company and the operator may be liable.

Recovering Damages After a Bus Accident
Bus collisions are particularly devastating to the human body because there are little to no seat belts and momentum of the vehicle at impact. Because buses do have a higher risk for a roll-over crash, injuries are often severe and may include:

·     Broken bones

·     Spinal cord trauma

·     Amputation of a limb

·     Lacerations

·     Traumatic brain injury (TBI)

·     Muscle sprains

·     Soft tissue injuries

·     Whiplash

·     Wrongful Death

·     Burns


These types of catastrophic injuries often require an experienced bus accident attorney to represent your best interest while you focus on the physical and emotional recovery.


Potential Damages:

·     Current and future medical expenses

·     Lost wages

·     Loss of consortium

·     Reduced or lost earning capacity

·     Pain and suffering

·     Emotional distress and anguish

·     Property damage

·     Wrongful death

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