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Bicycle Accident Attorney

Los Angeles is a bicycle friendly community. Due to the increased number in bicyclists the number of accidents has increased. Unfortunately, serious bicycle accidents happen often leaving riders with serious injuries and disabilities.


At Brand Law Group, we represent plaintiffs in cycling accidents. As personal injury attorneys, we are skilled and experienced and will ensure to receive fair compensation for the injuries you have suffered.


How Bicycle Accidents Attorneys Can Help Your Case


While liability is sometimes straightforward, it can be a challenging battle between you and the responsible parties involved.


It is important to work with experienced bicycle accident attorneys to ensure your case stands up to manipulative insurance tactics and get the settlement or judgement you deserve.


The attorneys at Brand Law Group are able to represent cases involving any of the following situations:


·     Defective bicycle parts

·     Rideshare drivers hitting cyclists

·     Distracted and/or intoxicated drivers

·     Accidents involving multiple cyclists

·     Poorly maintained roadways

·     Intersection accidents

·     Incidents involving failure to yield on a roadway


Damages you May Receive After Suffering a Bicycle Accident 


Whether you were struck by a vehicle failing to stop or losing control because of uneven pavement at a park, injuries sustained from riding a bike are often serious. You may begin to feel overwhelmed while trying to focus on your recovery while also worrying about legal concerns.


Our bicycle accident lawyers can ensure your claim accounts for all of your current and future damages that may occur because of your injuries, including:

·         Lost Wages

·         Past and future medical bills

·         Loss of earning capacity

·         Loss of consortium

·         Emotional distress

·         Loss of enjoyment

·         Pain and suffering

·         Property damage

·         Disfigurement and disability


Our attorneys work with negotiating with insurance companies and other liable parties so that you can focus on your well-being after suffering traumatic injuries.


How to Prove Liability for Your Bicycle Accident


In order to establish negligence, a knowledgeable bicycle accident lawyer will need to demonstrate that the responsible party breached their duty of care owed to you and others on the road, and their breach of this duty resulted in your injuries.


Examples of evidence that can be used to receive the maximum compensation possible for your injuries include:


·     Photos of the accident scene and your injuries

·     Witness testimony

·     Video footage: surveillance cameras / dashcams

·     Medical documentation and opinions

·     Illustrations of the accident

·     Police reports

·     Insurance coverages

·     Accident reconstruction experts

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