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Premises Liability Lawyers

According to California state law, those who get injured while on the property of another person or company can receive damages if they can prove the owner was negligent in maintaining the area.

Types of Premises Liability Damages


If you can prove a property owner’s negligence according to laws under California, then your attorney will submit damages to the insurance company or trial court. The damages you can recover depend on the severity of your injuries and any shared negligence you might have in the case.

Typically, you can receive many of the following damages as a result of a successful premises liability suit:

·     Current and future medical costs

·     Lost wages

·     Short and/or Long-term disability

·     Emotional distress

·     Pain and suffering

·     Mental anguish

·     Loss of consortium

·     Wrongful death

·     Diminished earning capacity

·     Other related losses


Premises Liability Cases and Comparative Negligence


Comparative negligence is a regular aspect of any premises liability injury case. Due to state law, California uses a pure approach toward assigning fault, a plaintiff has no limit on the percentage of liability they might have for their injuries. Even if you were to have 75% fault for your injuries, a court could still award you 25% of what you would have recovered if not liable at all.

Many times, insurance companies and other liable parties will also try to deflect fault onto the victim in hopes of reducing the amount of compensation to be paid. This tactic is why you must speak with a highly skilled attorney before communicating with any insurers, their adjusters, or other parties related to the case.

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