Motorcycle accidents are often associated with significant harm to the person on the bike at the time of the accident. In 2020, there were 5,579 motorcycle-related deaths in the US. The same study showed that helmets are only about 37% effective in preventing death when riding a motorcycle and becoming a victim of an accident.

Motorcycle accidents are very deadly for a few key reasons. If you want to know some more

about the reasons that motorcycle-related crashes are so dangerous, you need to keep reading.

Why Are Motorcycle Accidents Deadly?

1. Cyclists Are Less Protected

Unlike those who drive in cars, motorcyclists are not protected from a collision when it takes

place. Their body is fully exposed to the impact of the accident and they are not prevented from falling or flying off the bike. This is often the biggest factor in the deadly nature of motorcycle crashes and there is really no way to resolve this part of the safety concern that is related riding motorcycles. Even full riding gear is not much help when you are ejected from the bike or crushed by a car.

2. Motorcycles Are Less Visible Than Cars

Motorcycles are hard to see when they are alongside vehicles and many motorcyclists forget

that they are not as visible as other vehicles to those who are driving cars around them.

Motorcyclists that are between two vehicles can be very hard for cars in other lanes to see and it is common for motorcyclists to be overlooked when cars are pulling onto roads at

intersections. Motorcyclists can reduce their lack of visibility by wearing bright colors, but the

size of a bike is often an issue just as much as the overall visibility of bikes between and around cars in traffic.

3. Motorcyclists Often Have Less Control

Weather conditions, slippery road conditions, and things like tar snake repairs on the road

surface can all impact the stability and traction of the bike. Rider errors and changes to terrain that can upset the balance of the bike can also have an impact on the safety of riding a motorcycle. There are many variables that bikes do not counter nearly as well as cars do. This can lead to crashes that happen very quickly and that are quite dangerous due to the speeds involved and the lack of a cage around the operator of the motorcycle.

Motorcycle Accidents Can Be Very Deadly

Motorcycle accidents almost always lead to significant injury, if not death. If you have been

involved in a motorcycle crash that has left you with life-long injuries that were not your fault,

you need to secure a skilled lawyer to help you to seek the compensation that you deserve after your accident.

A skilled lawyer can make all the difference in your ability to get the compensation and support that you need to recover and care for yourself after your accident. Contact us today for a consult regarding your motorcycle accident.


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