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Nationwide, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reports that, in 2020, over 6.8 million Americans visited the emergency room for unintentional fall-related injuries. That year, falls represented the leading cause of accidental injuries for which people sought emergency services. The second leading cause of injury was unintentionally being struck by or against another object, with over 2 million people seeking emergency services. 

Being injured in an accident, such as a slip, trip, and fall, car collision, or medical malpractice incident, can cause immense damage to you physically, emotionally, and financially. If the accident is not your fault, this can be even more difficult to navigate. Filing a legal claim against the responsible party may be your only option to recover compensation for your injuries. 

You can do the research and try to bring a claim on your own, but without a law degree, you risk jeopardizing your physical health and the success of your legal claim. Hiring a personal injury lawyer is generally the best way to protect your legal rights and help ensure you receive the maximum compensation available.

  This brings us to an important question: What should you look for in a personal injury attorney in Glendale, California? 

How Much Experience Do They Have Practicing Personal Injury Law?

There are hundreds of areas of law, and not every attorney is familiar with all of them. Usually, attorneys focus their practice on a couple of areas, such as personal injury, criminal law, family law, or probate. Further, some attorneys may list personal injury as a practice area, but in reality, it only represents a fraction of their cases.

When searching for attorneys, it is beneficial to check to ensure that the lawyers you are looking at practice personal injury law and do so substantially. This increases the chance that they are up to date on the latest laws applicable to your situation.

How Much Do They Charge to Handle the Case?

Another critical question to address with potential personal injury lawyers is the amount they charge for handling the case. Attorneys use various billing methods to charge legal fees for personal injury cases.

For example, some charge a contingency fee to handle the case, meaning that the client does not pay any upfront legal fees unless and until the lawyers win the case and the client receives compensation. Typically, the lawyer in a contingency fee situation would receive a fixed percentage of the compensation award. Other attorneys require an upfront retainer or deposit to take on the case and bill hourly.

Make sure you discuss the financial aspect of the legal case with potential attorneys and thoroughly read any representation or fee agreements before you sign to ensure you understand the terms.

Does the Attorney Have Good Reviews?

Look at the law firm’s website or perform a Google search to see if they have positive reviews. Past clients are good sources to discover how their experience with the attorney was and what you might expect if you choose to work with that firm.

Brand Law Group proudly serves the Glendale, California, community by providing outstanding legal services. Clients praise us for treating them with respect and the utmost compassion and professionalism. Unlike other law firms that take high volumes of cases and treat clients like numbers, our law firm focuses only on personal injury and ensures that we treat our clients like people.


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