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A slip and fall accident can be described as a simple act of negligence that falls under premises liability. Typically, property owners are responsible for such accidents due to the fact that the injuries are a direct result of the property owners negligence. Damages can be recovered after you fall; here are the facts of who you will receive the compensation from and why.

  • It depends on where exactly you slip and fall and the type of entity/person who owns the property at which your accident occurred. One thing to keep in mind, is that there can at times be someone else who shares liability for your slip and fall in certain circumstances.

  • Property owners should be aware of duties they have to follow, such as keeping their property safe for their visitors, and make sure there are not any factors that can potentially risk having an individual slipping and falling.

There are a list of steps that should be followed after a Slip and Fall Accident

  1. Seek medical attention if your injuries are serious; this will sustain your health and relax your mind. It is crucial that this is taken seriously because you do not want to walk it off and wait for your body to start talking.

  2. Look to see if there were any signs that stood as warnings of hazards in the area, which could have caused your accident in the first place.

  3. For example: you walk into a coffee shop and while you are walking to grab your coffee, you slip and fall after they just sweep. Here, the employees failed to put a caution sign and ultimately, the establishment is responsible.

  4. Determine whether or not your actions caused you to slip and get injured. This includes you texting while walking or even wearing inappropriate footwear. In some circumstances, these actions result in you partially having a bit of responsibility for your fall.

Consider finding a personal injury attorney. At Brand Law Group, we are able to navigate you through the legal process and determine the rights steps to take. We will help you gather evidence as soon as possible- in order for us to ensure that your injuries are documented and treated properly.

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