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A pet is owned by about 40% of Californian homes. A sizable percentage of these companion animals are dogs. Although they can be a person's best friend, dogs can also be harmful as well. With more than 4.5 million bites reported annually in the United States. According to the law, the dog's owner is liable for any injuries brought on by a dog bite, as long as the victim was bitten in a public space or lawfully in a private space, without obviously trespassing.

When are Dog Owners Responsible for a Dog Bite in California?

  • According to California's dog bite law, dog owners are liable for any bites that take place on any individual's private property that a victim is freely visiting or in common spaces. If the victim is able to be on one's private property, this includes bites that occur at the owner's residence.

  • A person is deemed to be lawfully on private property if they are there to carry out tasks that are required of them by federal or state laws, postal regulations, or by California law.

Are California Dog Owners Responsible for Bites to Trespassers?

  • Only when the incident takes place on public grounds or while the victim was legally on someone else's private property are dog owners strictly accountable under California's dog bite statute.

  • In a few rare instances, a trespasser who can demonstrate that the dog owner was irresponsible in some way may be entitled to compensation for harm a dog causes as a result of the owner's carelessness.

If you or anyone you know has suffered from a dog bite, reach out to us. We will guide you down the correct path and defend you to our highest extent.


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