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Updated: Mar 14

Car accidents happen every day, with several resulting injuries, liabilities, and fatalities. Often, auto crashes involve long-drawn-out battles for settlement between victims and the guilty party. A personal injury attorney is typically needed to help injured parties file and receive their due compensation.

Rear-end Collisions

  • A rear-end accident occurs when you hit a vehicle in front of your car, or another driver hits your automobile from behind. They account for about 29% of accidents and can cause severe back and spine injuries.

Intersection Crashes

  • Intersection crashes usually occur when there is confusion about which driver has the right of way. There are drivers that may miss traffic signals and fail to notice stopping vehicles before making a turn, causing “T-bone” accidents.

Side-swipe Accidents

  • Side-swipe accidents occur when two parallel vehicles collide. This type of collision often happens when a car is changing lanes or merging onto the roadway and strikes another vehicle in the process. Distracted driving failure to observe your blind spots while on the wheel are the typical cause of side-swipe accidents.

Brand Law Group, has skilled attorneys that are able to negotiate settlements and take your case to trial if needed. To learn more about our auto accident attorney services, or schedule an appointment, call us at (818)- 230-3200!

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