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Melody is the legal assistant at Brand Law Group. Melody graduated from California State University, Northridge in 2023 with her undergraduate degree in Business Law while also double minoring in Business Management and Business Marketing. She is passionate about expanding her knowledge in law and plans to attend law school. She is a dedicated and ambitious student working towards her goal of becoming an attorney.
While completing her undergraduate studies, Melody had multiple leadership positions across many organizations. She served as President, Treasurer and Fundraising Chair for a cultural sorority as well as the Chief Financial Officer for the executive board. She was also involved in and served as the Chief Marketing Officer of a humanitarian aid organization. Prior to beginning her journey as a legal assistant, Melody was working in municipal government where she gained organizational and analytical skills. Collectively, Melody has a great foundation in leadership and communication skills that she incorporates in her position as a legal assistant with Brand Law Group.
At Brand Law Group, Melody is an essential part of the pre-litigation process. She manages medical records, preliminary investigations, consultations, and supports our personal injury attorneys with critical administrative tasks. Melody is a very compassionate person who does her best to help others.
Melody enjoys quality time with her friends and family. Melody values her education and career and is working diligently to reach her goals.


  • California State University, Northridge (CSUN)  2023

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